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 Breakfast Sausage Hot     5.35
 Breakfast Sausage Mild     5.35
 Brats     5.35
 Italian Sausage     5.35
 Pork Cutlets     4.25
 Pork Loin     5.35
 Ham Steak     5.20
 Pork Loin Chops     5.40
 Pork Shoulder     4.25
 Pork Steak     4.50
 Boneless Chops     5.40
 Spare Ribs     4.50
 Baby Back Ribs     5.00
 Smoked Ham Hocks     4.00
 Neck Bones     3.25
 Tenderloin     8.00
Ground Pork





Wholes and Halves

*Prices are based on hanging weight of carcass

*All orders require a $125.00 deposit due when the order is placed and the remaining balance is due at the time of pick up.

*All meat is wrapped in paper and frozen.

*Pork by the whole and half is available most all year.

*Cost is $2.00 per pound hanging weight , purchaser is responable for processing charges to packer.

*Whole Approximately 200 lbs.

*Half Approximately 100 lbs.

*Approximate Amount of Meat in a Whole Hog: Pork Chops 30-40 lbs., Ground Pork/Pork Sausage 25-30 lbs., Bacon 15 lbs., Ham Products 35-40., Ribs 8-10 lbs., Roast Products 25-30 lbs., Miscellaneous 40-50 lbs.(Lard, Neck Bones, Feet etc)